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hopk.jpg Shit Stirrers

I was looking at The Crack’s Twitter feed last week and noticed that professional troll, and fully paid-up member of the SS, Katie Hopkins, has been talking about the state of Britain (SS = Shit Stirrers). She said: “One week in Britain: London. Police officer stabbed with machete. Man charged: Muhammad Rodwan, 56. Birmingham. Police officer run over by own patrol car. Life changing injuries. Man charged: Mubashar Hussain, 29. Diversity kills. And still our police are unarmed.” Hmm... I wonder why she didn’t mention the police office who was actually killed? The man charged with his murder is Jed Foster. Why did he get a free pass while – checks notes – Muhammad Rodwan and Mubashar Hussain, had her scrambling to get her ‘Broken Britain’ klaxon out? I also noticed on Twitter that the new leader of UKIP is called Richard Braine (ie everyone who knows him calls him Dick Braine). Naturally, I thought this was a joke. That was until I saw a story in the Guardian about him. He’s actually real! (The story was about how he had baked some muffins for a tolerance afternoon at his local mosque. Oh, hang on. I think I must have turned over two pages at once. The story was about how he had sent an email likening Muslims to Nazis.)