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Our Crack Little Crack

fleabag-s2-first-look-a0773dd.101749.jpg There were four mentions of ‘Fleabag’ in the Guardian on Saturday.

There were four mentions of ‘Fleabag’ in the Guardian on Saturday. Actually, let me correct that. I only counted four mentions. The ones I saw were in the main newspaper or the Guide section. There may have been further references in Travel or Food but I never read those particular supplements because they make me feel bad about my total lack of interest in kayaking with humpback whales off the coast of Madagascar, and recipes for Syrian flatbread. Four mentions, though! FOUR! These ranged from an interview with the director of the stage show to more oblique stuff (the film ‘Animals’ is described as being a “flag-waver for post-Fleabag cinema”, as if “post-Fleabag cinema” was an actual thing). But I’ve said it before and I’ll keep on saying it: Fleabag! Is! Sodding! Finished! Let! It! Go! Poshos! Because no, it is not “the best TV comedy of the last decade”. It’s not even the best TV comedy THIS YEAR. (‘Dead Pixels’ and ‘The Other Two’ both knock it into a cocked hat.) Stop press: Just clicked on the Independent website and on their homepage what do I see? The headline: “Fleabag: Olivia Colman asked Phoebe Waller-Bridge to make her character a total ****”. Argh! **** OFF!