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mimakari.jpg Mikhail Karikis at MIMA

Mikhail Karikis makes sound pieces, videos, installation, and more, and the first survey of his practice opens at MIMA in October.

Mikhail Karikis is known for his exploration of collaboration and the political role of art. His projects are made with others, often through a lengthy period of engagement. This exhibition includes six major bodies of work made across ten years including two pieces commissioned by MIMA. Selected video installations comprise three collaborations with older people (female octogenarian Korean pearl divers; ex-coal miners from Kent and a worker from the Tyne’s last ship yard) and three young people. This selection of inter-generational perspectives is shown in the context of a country divided as it enters a Brexit deal. In 2017 MIMA co-commissioned Karikis with Film and Video Umbrella and Whitechapel Gallery, London, to work with children in Poplar and in 2019 they asked him to collaborate with students at North Ormesby Primary Academy, Middlesbrough, on a significant new piece. This inspiring school focuses on giving the children a creative and positive space when many experience much change in their lives. Together, Karikis and the children explore the impact of industry, toxicity, climate change and political power.

Mikhail Karikis: Survey Exhibition, 12 October-February 2020, MIMA, Middlesbrough. mima.art