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marccain19.jpg I’m going to Cain it this Autumn

I’ve been cosying up to German label Marc Cain for a good few years now and their latest collection is really pushing my buttons, specifically the buttons marked “Nice Jumper!”

Fashion houses don’t half talk some tripe, especially when it comes to the inspirations behind their new gear. Case in point is Marc Cain who are hanging their new collection around the idea of ‘mysterious women’. They burble: “More than ever before, people want to be inspired by unusual stories, emotions and unique personalities. The Marc Cain corporate campaign takes up this idea and tells the stories of standout women, who have been pioneers in their fields.” The upshot of all that flapdoodle is a bunch of go-getting women have been photographed wearing their clobber, women such as Daled Kambhu. She’s a Michelin starred chef who “values fresh, locally-sourced ingredients which do not have to be typical to Thai cuisine.” What any of that has to do with the fact that she is wearing this lovely jumper isn’t made clear. I’m about as far removed from being a go-getter as is possible (unless you include going to get the milk in the morning) but I scrub up nearly as good as our Thai chef friend here when I slip into this little beauty.

Seek: marc-cain.com