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joules19.jpg Joules in the crown

Joules have been one of the most reliable British high-street labels of the last few years and they’re celebrating their 30th anniversary in September.

There is no more hackneyed phrase in fashion than, “classic with a twist” but the latest press release from Joules sails dangerously close to those dreaded words: “Tom would constantly brave the elements in pursuit of delivering traditional clothing with a twist.” I’ll let it go this time, however, because I’m very partial to a bit of Joules. Tom, in case you’re wondering, is Tom Joules and he was constantly braving the elements because he originally started selling his clothing on a stand at a country show in Leicestershire. Since those fly-by-the-seat-of-his-flowery-pants days, Tom has built the label up to become one of the great standard-bearers of the high-street. From rainwear to crockery Joules stuff is always worth a gander, with their classic flowery prints always rendered with care and attention to detail. Their 30thanniversary collection showcases the archive hand-drawn Cambridge floral print and I think it looks pretty splendid splashed across the front of their Breton top. It’s just like a classic Breton top but with a – oh look, I’m nearly doing it now…

Seek: joules.com