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cycle19.jpg Moving into top gear

Not only does Retro Football Club produce some very lovely football jerseys from days gone by, they also make a selection of cycling tops that will turn heads whether worn on the road or in the pub.

There’s a case to be made for cycling being the most aesthetically pleasing of all sports. Sure, ice curling has all the hypnotic vibe of a lava lamp, and synchronised swimming has that kaleidoscopic Busby Berkeley thing going on, but nothing delights the eye more than watching a peloton snaking its way through a gorgeous chunk of countryside with maybe a crumbling castle in the foreground for a bit of perspective. And a large part of that appeal is surely down to the riders themselves who are decked out in such colourful bits of kit. As is the wont with such stuff the older cycling shirts are altogether nicer than their modern equivalents, and this is where Retro Football Club can help you out. Their current range takes in 48 different tops, from Australia’s 1972 jersey to West German’s 1966 effort, and are made to extraordinarily high standards using 50% fine wool and 50% acrylic. All you need to do is supply your own bike and chaffing and then you’re away.

Seek: retrofootballclub.com