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Music Editorial

kiki.jpg KiKi Lowe

KiKi Lowe is a good name for a pop star is it not (got to love that double capital “K”). She’s from Gosforth in Newcastle and despite the fact that she’s not yet old enough to vote, she’s certainly got something (i.e. a great voice).

I think it was some old football manager who said: “If you’re good enough, then you’re old enough” and, I’ll freely admit, I always turn to old football managers when it comes to matters of sagacity. KiKi Lowe is only 15-years-old and she must be old enough, because she’s certainly good enough. At the time of writing she was just one step away from playing at The O2 in London in the final of TeenStar, a competition which, and I can tell that you’re one step ahead of me here, looks for talented teens who have star potential. She performed a song of her own, ‘Hold Onto This’, at the Newcastle heat (you can find it on YouTube) which sees her holding the stage with just her guitar for company. It’s a sweet, unflashy performance that befits her voice, which is mercifully free of unnecessary flights of fancy or ornamental warbling. What she does have is a beautiful balance between fragility and steel which really makes you listen to what she’s singing, and, I suspect, there are going to be plenty more people out there who are going to be listening as she develops. 

You can find KiKi Lowe on Facebook.