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Art Editorial

maw19.jpg Gaze into the MAW

The Middlesbrough Art Weekender is back in September and this year they’re planning a total takeover. Oh my!

When checking out the programme for this year’s MAW, I was instantly drawn to ‘ADA’ (pictured), a huge, immersive, audience-friendly installation by the internationally renowned artist Karina Smigla Bobinski. Based inside Middlesbrough Town Hall this interactive experience will enable visitors to make, and be part of, the art with a freely floating helium balloon that moves around the room making marks on the floors and walls as it goes. It’s the artist’s typically idiosyncratic response to this year’s theme of ‘Autonomy’. Other artists taking part include the likes of Troika Collective; twice Turner Prize nominated photographer, Willie Doherty; Reclaim the Streets activist John Jordan; Emily Hesse (running a day long performance); and Sacha Rowe. The event has grown to become the biggest annual contemporary arts festival in the north-east, attracting audiences and artists from around the world, and this year’s takeover will include workshops and happenings throughout the town, alongside all the exhibitions. With absolutely oodles going on in the biggest MAW yet I’d advise you to visit the website, below, for the full programme.

MAW19, Thursday 26-Sunday 29 September, Middlesbrough. middlesbroughartweekender.com