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Art Editorial

viewpointdawn.jpg Room with a Viewpoints

‘Viewpoints’ on Teesside is the thought-provoking arty offshoot of the Festival of Thrift and this year’s theme is all about clean air.

Dawn Felicia Knox’s ‘Transpire/Respire/Inspire’ (pictured) is a glowing cube filled with plants and light, which provides a fresh air portal that is actively cleaning the air and removing toxins that are released from the modern built environment. She says her work will, “stand as a striking visual assertion in an urban landscape or built environment – the brilliant green box appearing almost otherworldly from a distance but when the viewer enters, they are comforted with the familiar, earthly wonder of plants growing.” It’s just one of five newly commissioned artworks that make up this year’s ‘Viewpoints’ programme. Others include a series of enormous painted canaries by Colin Davies using a dazzle camouflage technique; an extraordinary green house by Cabinet of Curiosity; a free-standing observation platform by Sally Hogarth whose stunning structures and artworks have been featured at high profile international exhibitions and festivals in London; and ‘Human Sensors’ by Kasia Molga consisting of wearable costumes that respond to air pollution levels. That smoggy label might need a rethink…

Viewpoints, 12-19 September across Teesside. More info: festivalofthrift.co.uk