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handfirelife.jpg Psychopaths! Ghosts! Vagina art!

Everyone knows that the Life Science Centre has oodles of good stuff for kids to do, but when the sun goes down they’ve got a distinct 18+ vibe.

Adult evenings of honest and frank discussion where nothing is taboo? That sounds like the kind of thing that might have cropped up on Channel 4 back in the day, but it’s actually what you’ll find at ‘Science Speakeasy’, which is beginning at Life in October. Presented in a relaxed, cabaret-style setting – with cocktails mixed by The Alchemist – these nights are kicking-off on 10 October with ‘The inconvenient truth about psychopaths’. We all know psychopaths: they like getting dolled up in someone else’s skin and then stabbing you in the neck, right? Wrong! Many top athletes, business leaders and comedians would score highly on the psychopathic scale. Should we actually be lauding them? In November the conversation will move on to another sticky subject: ‘Will we reach sperm count zero before we’re comfortable talking about male infertility?’.

Future topics will include: ‘Appily ever after: in a world of gamified dating, are there any winners?’ and ‘Rational suicide in an ageing society’. A different panel of experts will attend each session, which run from 7-9.30pm and cost £8.

Also launching in October is ‘After Hours’, which includes themed evenings and – get this! – silent discos for adults (woo hoo!). ‘Paranormal or Paranoia’ on Halloween night should get things off to a suitably spooky start. Why? Because excavation work ahead of Life’s construction revealed a startling discovery: a mass grave. You can join Life and the team from GHOSTnortheast to learn more about the site’s unnerving history and take part in the first ever paranormal investigation in the science centre using various tech devices. Crikey!

Other After Hours highlights include ‘Noël’ (a Christmas special where you can, among other stuff, experience a 15-minute sample of Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ in the planetarium), ‘Happy New You’ (uphold your New Year’s resolutions at this Dry January event), ‘Sex and Attraction’ (including – yep – a vagina art workshop), ‘The Next James Bond’ (play Assassin across the centre) and ‘Unplug and Unwind’ (come in your PJs and enjoy a smartphone-free night).

Life Science Centre, Times Square, Newcastle. More info on all the above from: life.org.uk/adults