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Music Editorial

madeinmanc19.jpg Mancs for the memory

Bez will be on DJ duties at the Made in Manchester night in Sunderland, which will also feature a whole bunch of nice-one-top-one tribute acts. 

Bez on a turntable. What could possibly go wrong?

But Madchester’s ringmaster in chief should prove to be the perfect host for this night that will see some of the UK’s best tribute acts take to the stage. Names? We’re talking The Clone Roses (the UK’s longest running and most adored Roses tribute act), Definitely Oasis (selling out gigs worldwide this bunch will be rolling with all their biggies), Happy Mondaze (twisting your melons, man) and The Madchester Experience (recreating the iconic sounds of Blur, The Verve, The Farm, EMF, The Charlatans – none of whom are from Manchester as far as I can recall but you kind of get the idea of what they’re all about). Should be a night with a lot of flare(s).

Made in Manchester, Saturday 28 September, The Point, Holmeside, Sunderland, 7.30pm-1.30am, £25/£30. skiddle.com