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Art Editorial

apolloart199.jpg What’s happened to Apollo Pavilion?

Victor Pasmore’s Apollo Pavilion in Peterlee is having a make-over in September but for five days only. Hurry, hurry, hurry!

Ok. Yeah. I love the Angel of the North but, for me, the greatest chunk of public art anywhere in the north-east is Victor Pasmore’s geometrically pleasing ‘Apollo Pavilion’ (the ‘Angles of the North’, anyone?). Also enamoured is environmental artist Steve Messam who is constructing a temporary installation around it in September. It will feature four large orange forms that will intersect the pavilion at right angles to the main orientation, thus appearing to slice right through the structure. A large circular hole will allow access into the pavilion while framing the abstracted geometry of the interior. Once inside, the colour adds accents to the negative spaces which will give you a unique experience within the body of the pavilion. Playful, tactile and accessible, this temporary installation will let viewers see this glorious piece with entirely fresh eyes.

Apollo, 19-22 September, Apollo Pavilion, Oakerside Drive, Peterlee, Country Durham. stevemessam.co.uk