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Music Editorial

bigbigtrainlive19.jpg All aboard the prog express

Four times Progressive Music Award winning band, Big Big Train, have a blisteringly good new album out AND a tour. A big big tour.

Since Big Big Train’s ‘Grand Tour’ album came out earlier this year I don’t suppose there has been a day gone by when I haven’t given it a spin. I absolutely adore it and on each listen some new secret or other is unfurled before me. The band are pure balm for the soul for those of us in thrall to the classic prog sound of the 1970s and their latest masterwork simply soars. Needless to say, it’s built around a suitably highfalutin concept and this time they’ve let the 17thand 18thcentury custom of the Grand Tour flood into their work, whereby young men and women would trot off around Europe – taking in the delights of the artistic world – to broaden their minds. The result is impassioned, supremely melodic and imbued with some incredible flights of fancy that is matched by their exemplary playing. It’s an album that is going to sound huge when played live and I imagine this tour is really going to be something to behold.

Big Big Train + Sweet Billy Pilgrim, Sunday 27 October, City Hall, Newcastle, 6.30pm, £33.75. ticketmaster.co.uk