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Music Editorial

deafheaven19.jpg They're NOT Deaf Havana

Deaf Havana are the post-hardcore band from the UK while Deafheaven are a post-metal band from the US. Got it?

Actually, Kerry McCoy, guitarist with Deafheaven claimed recently: “The whole shoegaze/black metal, or post-metal thing, was being done ten years before we were a band.” It’s not actually that easy to pigeonhole the band (although some have tried to stick a “Screamo” label on them) especially with the release of last year’s superb ‘Ordinary Corrupt Human Love’ album which includes what you might term ‘normal’ singing, as well as vocalist George Clarke’s trademark howling. It’s still explosive stuff, and was very well received by critics, but they also managed to tease out different shades of nuance in among all the thrashing. This tour is a co-headlining affair and it should be a rather feisty one as they’ll be doing the biz alongside Touché Amoré, the LA post-hardcore band who are no shrinking violets themselves.

Deafheaven + Touché Amoré, Monday 30 September, Riverside, Newcastle Quayside, 7pm, £22.50. riversidencl.co.uk