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Music Editorial

marthagunn19.jpg Shooting stars

Brighton/London combo Martha Gunn pen the kind of classic 1970s guitar pop that will literally make you keel over. If you’re in the mood to swoon then you should know they’re playing both Newcastle and Sunderland in September. Fancy that!

Despite not having that much in the way of releases under their belts, we’ve somehow managed to become very enamoured of Martha Gunn. It all started with the release of their ‘Saint Cecilia’ single earlier this year. It’s a song rammed to the rafters with towering hooks and comes over like ‘Tango in the Night’ era Fleetwood Mac (never a bad thing). And then in May they hit us up with ‘Love & Emotion’, another track that features galloping melodies and a swooping chorus. They appear to be channelling much of the good stuff of the 1970s including The Eagles and The Bee Gees, but they also site Tame Impala, Foals and Mystery Jets as touchstones. If that all sounds “Mm-Mm-Mm!” to you (and it should) then now’s the perfect time to clamber on board with them.

Martha Gunn: Thursday 26 September, Riverside, Newcastle, 7pm, £7. riversidencl.co.uk; Sunday 29 September, Independent, Sunderland, 7pm, £7, independentsunderland.com