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Music Editorial

franminney19.jpg Local: Fran Minney

Durham born Fran Minney has, what I like to call, “a look”. What’s more, she’s also got, what I like to call, “a sound”. And it’s a ruddy winner.

We actually featured Fran Minney in the magazine a couple of years ago when she snared our Single of the Month slot for a fab tune called ‘Leaving Our Bodies’. Since then she’s been doing a degree (and masters) at Leeds College of Music, and, judging by her new material, she’s hasn’t been slacking down in Yorkshire. ‘Tracks’ is a celebration of her time growing up in the north-east and is built around the kind of sublime electronica that Everything But The Girl were so adept at. Just as enticing is ‘Taking Shape’, which was released at the back end of August. It’s about, it says here, “choosing to give yourself completely to another so that they can grow and take shape, even if it leaves you drained”. Again, it’s a dreamy slice of indie-electronica that she manages to imbue with real emotion. It helps that she has one of those voices that is bereft of annoying vocal tics; a voice you just want to listen to and lose yourself in. She’s now based down in Leeds but we’re still claiming her as one of our own because when this sort of rare talent comes along we’d be daft not too.

Seek: franminney.com