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Music Editorial

crimewavelocal19.jpg Local: Crimewave

Is Crimewave a one-man Crimewave? I rather think that he is you know. Say, “Hi! How’s tricks?” to Jake Wilkinson.

Here’s what I know: 1. Jake Wilkinson is from Newcastle. 2. His new single, ‘Ultraviolent Crime’, is abso-fucking-lutely extraordinary. He says: “The music I make is a cross between 80s/90s shoegaze music and contemporary electronic music” and, putting aside his use of the word “music” three times in one sentence for a second, I have to commend him for his insight, because he’s right on the rootin’ tootin’ money. ‘Ultraviolent Crime’ skips and skitters along with plenty of vim and, despite being buried under an avalanche of whiz-bang sound effects and arresting tangents, it somehow coalesces into a supremely satisfying whole. We also get buried in the mix fuzzy vocals too (something about, “Here comes the summertime and the ultraviolent crime”) which only adds another layer of “Wow!” to proceedings. You can find plenty more about this chap, and his penchant for juddering sounds, from his Facebook do-dah, which you’ll find below.

Seek: Facebook.com/crimewavecrimewave