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Our Crack Little Crack

priti.jpg Cabinet Of The Bastards

Remember those halcyon past times, those golden hued days, when Theresa May and Philip Hammond were running the country? Sweet Jesus! What has just happened? John Major used to complain about the handful of bastards in his party but now you can’t move for them. We’ve got a cabinet of all the bastards. Boris Johnson (unrepentant racist), Priti Patel (called British workers the worst idlers in the word and wants to turn the country into a Chinese style sweatshop), Dominic Raab (makes Margaret Thatcher look like Che Guevara – only recently discovered that Calais was a port), Sajid Javid (acolyte of fundamentalist free-marketeer Ayd Rand), Andrea Leadsom (Andrea Leadsom). This government is by far the worst thing to happen in my lifetime (and I remember ‘Noel’s House Party’). That said, I have something to confess. I’ve actually got a bit of a thing for Priti Patel. I know! Kill me now (actually, let her do it. She’s the one that wants to bring back hanging).