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Our Crack Little Crack

corden.jpg Cats

Ever since I accidentally let myself watch the trailer for the film version of ‘Cats’ on Saturday, I’ve been having problems with the muscles in my face. I think it’s because they’ve been pulled permanently into the kind of grimace you only get when you have been exposed to something truly horrifying. I’ve seen motorway pile-ups that have been less upsetting. Because what the producers of ‘Cats’ have done is take one of the most annoying things ever created – i.e. those Instagram filters that make people look like sodding Bambi – and then constructed a whole film with it. A WHOLE FILM! It’s got Judi Dench and Ian McKellen debasing themselves in it, as well as Rebel Wilson who is literally playing a fat cat. Worst of all is James Corden. How? Just how? And more pertinently, why? Just why? Why is this bozo so ubiquitous? Why? Only he, and he alone, could actually find a way to make me want to punch a cat square in the face.