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Art Editorial

arrivals19.jpg Tyneside bound

‘Arrivals: Making Tyneside Home’ is an exhibition of portraits by Jeremy Abrahams that celebrate the people who have moved to Tyneside since 1939.

“Immigration has always been part of our lives in society and, of course, it always will be.” That’s Jeremy Abrahams, and it’s his photographic portraits that make up this exhibition which is now showing at the Discovery Museum. A tribute to Tyneside’s diverse population, the exhibition features a powerful series of portraits that document the experience of people who have migrated to the region from overseas. Abrahams: “I hope these photos, and the stories of the people in them, offer an insight into the human experience of immigration, and show how generations of arrivals have helped to shape the innovative and diverse place Tyneside has become.”

Arrivals: Making Tyneside Home, until 3 November, Discovery Museum, Blandford Square, Newcastle. discoverymuseum.org.uk