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Stage Editorial

kagools19.jpg Hoody marvellous!

The Kagools create the maddest of madcap worlds and you’re all invited to pay their latest forays into the outer reaches of physical comedy a visit when they play the next Catch 22 in Stockton.

Usually when I hear the phrase “physical comedy” I reach for my revolver (purely to stick against my own head you understand). But when it comes to the Kagools it’s an entirely different matter. There’s just something so damn joyous about the duo that I can’t help but love them and every time I’ve managed to catch their act I’ve invariably left the show with a huge, cartoon-like smile slapped right across my face. The award-winning pair are in huge demand not just in the UK but around the world where everyone from Australia to Singapore have fallen for their anarchic sense of high-end buffoonery. They’re appearing at Catch 22 in August at ARC, a night which continues to go from strength to strength. And this should be a particular uproarious one as also on the bill is Matt Reed who is taking on MCing duties. This Sunderland lad never fails to grab a room by its collective funny bone and give it a ruddy good tickle.

Catch 22: The Kagools + TBC + MC Matt Reed, Friday 30 August, ARC, Stockton, 8pm, £12/£14, arconline.co.uk