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plantpeople19.jpg Physic plants for NOW people

New company The Lab are launching two very special events this summer at Dilston Physic Garden.

The Lab fuses art, research and the creative industries to develop events that convey scientific research through sensory and immersive design. Their two events in August are both taking place at a garden brimming with plants, herbs, medicine and magic: Dilston Physic Garden. The first is ‘Plant People’ (Wednesday 21-Sunday 25 August, 11am-4pm, £31 family ticket). This relaxed family event will see the garden brought to life to tell a story of medicine and memory. You family will discover how different plants improve memory and brain function. Along the way you’ll interact with a host of characters to help you uncover the science behind each plant. They’re also running ‘Cognition Boosters’ (Wednesday 21-Saturday 24 August, 7-9pm, £35, 18+ only). The brain is an amazing organ and our experiences of forgetting, déjà vu and recall will be examined at this night using the sensory mediums of taste, touch, sound and aroma. Imagine! More details from the website below.