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strangerthings19.jpg Something strange about these trainers

Make that: there’s something STRANGER about these trainers. Stranger Things, in fact. Yep. Nike have teamed up with the Netflix TV show to bring us new twists on some of their classics.

People can’t get enough of ‘Stranger Things’ can they? It seems to be picking up an audience made up of young ‘uns who want to identify with school kids battling evil monsters and even eviler scientists, and nostalgia freaks harking back to the days of stupid haircuts, Dig-Dug and Reaganomics. (My review: first series was good, second one not as good, not seen the third one.) Anyway. I do like some of the ath-leisurewear on the show; all those old-skool clean lines (ath-leisurewear! I know, what a dolt!). Never ones to knowingly miss a trick are Nike who have just banged out the Hawkins High Collection (Hawkins High being the name of the school that the kids attend). The range includes versions of their Cortez, Air Tailwind 79, and Blazer Mid trainers as well as US college style hoodies and t-shirts emblazoned with all manner of Hawkins High logo action. If you fancy taking up Dungeons & Dragons then this is the very clobber you should be wearing.

Seek: nike.com/UK