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Music Editorial

paige19.jpg Local: Paige Temperley

A singer songwriter from Newcastle who knows how to sing AND write songs? I don’t mind if I do!

If you’re looking for Paige Temperley’s Story So Far then check out her gorgeous track ‘Twenty-Something Dreams’ which was released earlier this year: “When I was young they told me to follow my dreams / I didn’t know who I should be / I just liked kicking my football around / And watching Spice Girls on TV / Then as I grew / I learned the guitar / And that I had a song in my heart…” You can’t beat someone with a song in their heart, especially someone who can put it over as well as this lass. She pens fleecily warm folk/pop songs that instantly command your attention and sings them in an unshowy, but instantly endearing, manner. Case in point is her latest single ‘Hold’, which is one of those don’t-let-things-get-you-down affairs and full of gentle encouragement (a word for the production on this, which is just beautiful). Check out Temperley’s Facebook do-dah for gig details (she plays plenty of bars and what not around Newcastle and beyond) and give yourself a real treat.

Seek: facebook.com/PaigeTemperleyMusic