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Our Crack Little Crack

cricketwc.jpg Oh God!

Oh god! I’m writing this after watching the most INSANE cricket match I’ve ever witnessed. It was possibly the greatest, most nerve-shredding, thing I have ever seen on telly (apart from two years ago when a couple won £21,000 on Pointless. £21,000!). England vs New Zealand was more dramatic than Shakespeare. (It’s true! When you go and see Macbeth you know – SPOILER ALERT! – that he’s going to die in the end. During yesterday’s match it all came down to the very last ball and you STILL didn’t know which way it was going to go. INCREDIBLE!) I take two things away from it. 1. Fireworks during the day don’t work. 2. I hope there were plenty of people tuning into cricket for the first time and are now hooked (just so they can learn to feel the excitement of a rained-off first day’s play at Headingly).