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Music Editorial

chantel19.jpg Girls don’t play guitars like that!

The above headline is what the major labels told Chantel McGregor when she was just 14 years old. Now in her 20s she not only still plays guitars like that, but she kicks up a real storm with her vocals too.

Chantel McGregor became the first student at Leeds College of Music to achieve a 100% pass mark. That might be impressive in itself but it’s not the reason why fans of classic rock and blues have taken her to their hearts. They love her because she knows how to pen a rollicking tune and then knock it out of the park with her exemplary playing. Early in her career she played with Joe Bonamassa and when she released her debut album one critic was moved to compare her to Jimi Hendrix. Her second album saw her move through the songwriting gears with a clutch of great tunes that brought about comparisons with everyone from Nick Drake to Jeff Buckley. She also showed that she was no one-trick pony with some great vocal performances too. Her third album is due later this year and she’ll no doubt be showcasing songs from it on this latest tour.

Wednesday 28 August, The Cluny, Ouseburn, Newcastle, 8pm, £15. thecluny.com