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Music Editorial

elephantgym19.jpg Trunk rock!

Three-piece Elephant Gym are one of the most feted bands to come out of Taiwan in recent years and it’s little wonder they’re beginning to make waves in the west.

Elephant Gym released their second album earlier this year (‘Underwater’ fact fans) and it’s that release that has seen their star in the ascendancy, and not just among the usual coterie of beardy hipsters either. If you’re looking for me to shove them into some kind of pigeonhole then I’d probably try and stuff them into an opening marked ‘Math Rock’ because their songs are generally made up of an exciting and intricate series of rhythmic patterns. Their dextrous playing is outstanding and they create little worlds, which you can’t help but feel compelled to explore with them. But they also bring in elements of jazz and hip-hop to their work that lend it a cinematic scope and the added vocals on some of the tracks give them another dimension. Thankfully their first world tour sees them visiting the UK and they’ll be stopping off in Sunderland to show us their extraordinary wares this August.

Elephant Gym + guests, Friday 23 August, Independent, Holmeside, Sunderland, 7.30pm, £12. Independentsunderland.com