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Our Crack Little Crack

gentlemenjack.jpg Gentleman Jack

It was the last ‘Gentleman Jack’ on Sunday but I’m afraid that I had to bail out before the end. I had seen the previous seven shows but it rather felt like I had watched exactly the same episode seven times. The whole thing appeared to have been made up of only two scenes. In one of them Gentleman Jack is canoodling with a simpering woman who will say: “We cannot do this any longer. It is wrong. Will you stay the night?” In the other Gentleman Jack will be arguing with some men and everyone will pepper their sentences with some nonsense about “sinking pits”. These two scenes will be linked by interminable shots of GJ smashing the patriarchy through the sheer power of her strident gait, which she will invariably deploy over vale and hill. I think the show would have been improved with a better theme tune. I would have used the ‘Blankety Blank’ theme but replaced the words ‘Blankety Blank’ with ‘Gentleman Jack’. Try it. It works for me.