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olives.jpg Nibbles

I was in Waitrose over the weekend (I know, get me! I’ll be turning my nose up at instant coffee next). The person in the queue in front of me must have been having people round for nibbles because they were buying three different types of olives and something called ‘vine leaves’. But they were also intent on catering for their mates who didn’t eat leaves because they had a load of crisps too. But because it was Waitrose they didn’t just have salt and vinegar flavour, they had sea salt and chardonnay wine vinegar flavour. For F’s sake! It didn’t end there. Cheese and onion? No. They had vintage cheddar and real ale. Prawn? Not a bit of it. Scottish langoustines with dill & lemon! God help us all. (Point of order: There’s an assistant who stands at the head of the long queue of shoppers in Waitrose. When you get to the front she will tell you, “Till four, please”, and then point you in the direction of till four. Thing is, I have eyes. I can see that till four is free myself. You don’t need to tell me. Wouldn’t this massive queue actually go down quicker if you started serving people rather than telling them which till is free?)