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levi.jpg If you must go corporate...

A whole load of companies have rainbowed-up their ranges this Pride season. A lot of them look fairly risible but I can live with these t-shirts from Levi’s.

When I first heard about a gay sandwich I assumed it was some kind of sexual act I’d hitherto been unexposed to. Turns out it’s an actual sandwich you can eat. Marks & Spencer are flogging them and they contain lettuce, guacamole, bacon and tomato – a LGBT sarnie – get it? It’s a move I’m filing under: “Daft bordering on the offensive”. I wonder which other consciousness raising movements they will be commemorating with a savoury snack? Black History Month? Holocaust Memorial Day? But they’re not the only company around bunging a rainbow flag on something and shouting: “Aren’t we enlightened”. Smirnoff, Oreo and Ralph Lauren have all done something similar. But we should always remember the bottom line for these companies is making profits. They are not Stonewall. That said I do like these t-shirts from Levi’s . They’re pretty tasteful and made from 100% cotton (and 0% guacamole). What’s more, 100% of net proceeds from their Pride Collection goes to OutRight Action International, an organisation which works to advance human rights for LGBTQ+ people all over the world.

Levi’s Pride Community Ringer Tee, £25. levi.com