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albma19.jpg Ready, steady, utility wear!

The British label Albam have been around since 2006 and they should be your first port of call if you’re looking for an exceptionally well made wardrobe staple.

“The initial idea was to create a capsule wardrobe that every guy should have – a great white t-shirt, a great piece of knitwear or a great raincoat. We couldn’t find clothes that we liked. We were after things that were simple, and unbranded. It wasn’t about logos or fashion, it was about clothes.” That’s co-founder of Albam, Alastair Rae, talking about his ethos when it comes to good-looking clobber. Strange as it seems, when the company formed in 2006, it was nigh on impossible to get hold of a plain, but well cut, sweatshirt. Even a simple pair of jeans had all kinds of weird shit going on. But Albam, on the whole, steer well clear of anything weird or shitty. They place the emphasis firmly on a timeless utilitarian look and their well-made garments are made to last. What’s more, they won’t go out of fashion because the company never slavishly follow the latest fads and trends. This top is about as snazzy as they ever get – two colours! Pockets! A zip! – and it’s part of their A/W 19 range. Final word on Albam to Alastair Rae: “It’s just clothes for men.”

Seek: albamclothing.com