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Music Editorial

murdercapital19.jpg Did somebody say Murder?

The Murder Capital are the kind of post-punks who are threatening to make “post-punk” a thing worth getting excited about again. They’re playing The Independent in Sunderland this July.

Someone must be putting something in the Guinness in Dublin because the city suddenly feels awash with exciting guitar bands. Already this year we’ve had Fontaines D.C. slapping us round the chops with one of the year’s best albums in ‘Dogrel’ and now we have The Murder Capital, who, despite only been two or three singles into their fledgling career, are creating reams of frothy press and, more importantly, ecstatic audience reactions. One of those singles is the epic ‘Green & Blue’, which, despite a six-minute running time, is Joy Division-taut and teaming with big wedges of light and dark. Elsewhere I love ‘Feeling Fades’, another single released earlier this year, which is one part caustic, one part brooding and one part utterly vital. Grab some of the fuss when they visit Sunderland this July.

The Murder Capital, Saturday 20 July, The Independent, Holmeside, Sunderland, 7.30pm, £8. independentsunderland.com