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Our Crack Little Crack

changeuk.jpg Change UK

I see that Change UK – who claim to be a new centrist bunch, but in actual fact are just Lib Dem-lite and believe in austerity and the privatisation of public services – have lost six of their 11 MPs. I wonder if they’ll come up with a new name for themselves (they’ve already had two). Continuity Change? Among their remaining MPs are Anna Soubry and Mike Gapes, so how about Sourby Gapes? And speaking of the Lib Dems, I see they’re about to have their own leadership campaign. Among the contenders are Ed Davey who says that he’s going to get the Queen to stop Brexit (imagine being over 10 years old and coming out with such a statement). The favourite is Jo Swinson who recently admitted that “mistakes were made” when her party was in a ruinous coalition with the Conservatives. She voted with the Tories 849 times including when they tripled tuition fees and slashed welfare for disabled people. 849 times! That leads me to think that they weren’t mistakes at all. They were her beliefs.