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Music Editorial

bethmacjuly19.jpg Local: Beth Macari

If you’ve got a spotlight handy then swing it in the direction of Beth Macari because this Newcastle lass deserves to be under it.

I’ve always been a big fan of Beth Macari and this year she’s really delivering. In March she slapped ‘Stronger’ down on the table, an empowerment semi-banger that came complete with some lovely tropical stylings. It screamed pop-star-in-the-making. Then, on 21 June, she hit us up with her latest single, ‘One More Time’, which screams and-she-can-also-write-massive-piano-ballads-too. It’s just her, a piano and some well-judged, but suitably understated and not overused, strings. It has one of those melodies that gets you right there and sentiments that arrow straight into you heart (“What I’d give to see you one more time”). And because it’s totally stripped of bombast her voice really comes to the fore and she knocks it out of the park. There are no vocal tics or tricks, just a beautifully delivered song, brimming with emotion. For the rest of 2019 we’re promised more music, festival appearances and a UK tour, as well as some acting stuff (she’s appearing in a short Netflix film with Mackenzie Crook and Johnny Vegas – is there anything she can’t do?)

Seek: bethmacari.com