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Art Editorial

oliverdoe19.jpg Cruising colour

Oliver Doe’s new exhibition questions the way we see queer people.

While much has been done to advance LGBTQ rights over recent years there are still people around who would seek to ‘erase’ queer voices. In Newcastle-based artist Oliver Doe’s latest show he reasserts queer identities in unapologetic and boldly minimalist paintings. The shapes in these images take their cue from bodily forms, viewed close up and magnified so that the actual bodies, their gender or identity, become unrecognisable. These forms overlap, confusing the sense of positive and negative space between the figures, blurring the limits of these queer bodies further. The colours also recall the language of varying Pride flags, or, indeed, the notorious ‘Hanky Code’. Ultimately any colour-coding going on here is always implied, letting visitors cruise the gallery searching for meaning among the abstraction.

Somewhere in Between: Oliver Doe, 18 July-24 August, Vane, First Floor, Commercial Union House, Pilgrim St, Newcastle. Wed-Sat, 12-5pm. vane.org.uk