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Our Crack Little Crack

monstermunch.jpg Major Argument

I got into a major argument with a friend last week about the way I was eating my dinner (and when I say dinner, I mean dinner: food at dinnertime, not food at teatime). It was a well-balanced meal containing four out of five of the major food groupings (i.e. a Snickers and a packet of Flamin’ Hot Monster Munch) and my so-called friend became inordinately annoyed about the order I was eating said items. I went for the Snickers first and then had the Flamin’ Hot Monster Munch, but she insisted that I should have eaten them the opposite way round. “Everyone knows that it’s savoury first and then sweet,” she said. “Listen Toots,” I replied in my head, “There are two sets of rules in this world: mine and everyone else’s. Guess which ones I play by?” I am worried though, that my diet is making me chubby. I went into the Levi’s shop last week and the only styles of jeans they had were Slim, Super Slim, Skinny and Super Skinny. Nothing at all in Fat Shepherd.