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Film Editorial

supportthegirls19.jpg Support the Girls

Director: Andrew Bujalski

Stars: Regina Hall, Hayley Lu Richardson, Shayna McHayle, James Le Gros

The Hooters bar-style setting and innuendo-laden title of erstwhile mumblecore auteur Andrew Bujalski’s latest belies a sympathetic and big-hearted study of workers in the workplace. It chronicles one day in the life of Lisa (Hall), the beleaguered general manager of Double Whammies, a roadside ‘breastaurant’ and bar. Lisa acts as a mother-figure and confidante to her busty charges, including the slightly ditzy but upbeat Maci (Richardson) and more laconic Danyelle (McHale). Her tolerance is tested however by her unappreciative boss Cubby (Le Gros). Among the days’ challenges are reluctantly enforcing the ‘rainbow rule’ that only one black woman can serve at a time; organising a charity car wash; and desperately trying to get the cable reinstalled for a televised fight that evening. Such is Bujalski’s generosity of spirit that the male habitués of Double Whammies are depicted as mostly harmless. It’s a rich comedy drama that also serves as a tribute to sisterhood, but one which wears its feminist credentials lightly. Beneath the loose ‘hangout’ vibe the script sports a sophisticated view of workplace relations. The cast are all great but it’s Hall that dominates as the quietly heroic and stoic Lisa.