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Art Editorial

gainsborough19.jpg Isn’t that a Gainsborough?

Yes indeed! And you can see work from the 18th century master at ‘The Origins of British Landscape’, which is the very first temporary exhibition at the Bishop Trevor Gallery.

Oh my! If you’re going to make a splash with a new gallery then it’s a good ploy to pull out some really big guns and that’s exactly what the Bishop Trevor Gallery have done with their super new show. We’ve had a sneak preview and our thrill-o-metre went off the scale when we saw magnificent pieces from the likes of Thomas Gainsborough, George Stubbs and Claude Lorrain. These artists represent the cream of the 18th century, certainly when it comes to being influential, and the exhibition will take visitors through the origins of British landscape painting in the mid 1700s to its development as one of the most enduring and significant genres of British art. The gallery itself is part of the Auckland Project and is housed within the 900-year-old Auckland Castle. The space sits within a suite of apartments, which were built in the 18th century, and have never been open to the public before. Now everyone can have a gander and, wow, what a way to throw open those particular doors.

The Origins of British Landscape, 1 June-8 September, Bishop Trevor Gallery, Auckland Castle, Bishop Auckland, Wed-Sun, 10am-4pm, charges apply. aucklandproject.org