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Democracy, lies and Brexit…

What I am wondering this month dear readers, is how many Leavers had faith in our democracy before Cameron threw all his colleagues, and the country, under the Brexit bus (pun totally intended). And this is a genuine question and not some snidey quip meant to show how well-informed I am (because I am not, except I really, really don’t want to leave Europe, just so you know where I stand). Did all the folk who voted to Leave trust a lot of these public servants and the concept of democracy prior to this mess? I don’t think I did. The background political shenanigans that go on unchecked and composted in privilege, all that backdoor talk that oils the wheels, mean our democracy has been eroding, from the inside, for a long time. The lobbying, the bargaining, the quid pro quoleverage of support makes a joke of democracy. How many of the rich folk in Westminster have legally facilitated interests in what goes on in our country? Having any interest in the things you shape and legislate should be illegal for a politician. I reckon technically, it probably is. But here’s the thing, the minute someone claims that something isn’t technicallya lie, I think you’re in dodgy territory. Which arch and uber-wealthy Brexiteers stand to benefit most from the investment opportunities inherent in these disruptive and divisive, anti-establishment campaigns and policies? In my heart, I am committed to democracy as an ideal, but that commitment has been wearing thin for so long now. Brexit isn’t the first time we’ve been manipulated – and it won’t be the last – but it might be the first time so many people have been lied to in one fell swoop. Part of me believes we need to leave because that’s what the majority voted for. Another part of me wants a second referendum. I have friends, who are good people, who voted to Leave because they believed the lies on the side of that big red bus. That, people, needs to be addressed. I don’t know how, but it needs to be.