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yeye19.jpg Say “Yes! Yes!” to “Yé Yé”

I love the dresses that Mademoiselle Yé Yé bang out and when I’m dining with the captain of whichever cruise I’m on this summer, I’ll be tucking my bib into this little beauty.

If you’re thinking: Isn’t Yé Yé that bubblegum pop sound that came out of France in the early 1960s, then you’d be absolutely correct. Its movers and groovers were the likes of Françoise Hardy, Sylvie Vartan and Serge Gainsbourg, and they gave us the kind of sunny beat music that was sexy in a deliberately contrived way. And something of that vibe has definitely translated itself to Mademoiselle Yé Yé, a Dutch fashion house whose saucy mix of vintage inspirations, hand drawn prints and beautiful colour combos are a real knockout. Among their latest collection are some chic and breezy blouses called the ‘And Now?’ range, which I rather like – they say to me: I’ve done my bit by looking great, what’s next? But my favourite piece is this dress which is called the ‘Dinner On The Boat Dress’ (they’ve got a thing about giving stuff good names). A nifty v-neck in a casual cut, it’s made from 100% viscose and comes with a matching belt. Time to unleash your inner Brigitte Bardot (ie the glam BB, not the fascist one).

Seek: yeyeye.de/en