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gantblazer.jpg Dressed up or dressed down?

Get yourself a nice blazer and you can dress up OR dress down. Imagine! And those masters of all things preppy, Gant, are currently stocking some real bobby-dazzlers.

My mission this year is to liberate the trusty blazer. For far too long they have been the preserve of boarding school children, pretendy sailors, and those old men who hang round golf club bars shouting “hard Brexit now!” Stuff that lot. If you want to look particularly fine when attending a business meeting, or just hanging out with your mates during a lazy weekend brunch that didn’t quite deliver on the promise of “bottomless Prosecco”, then the blazer is your friend. If you’re nodding along and thinking, “She’s fucking right, you know”, then can I point you in the direction of Gant. They’re doing a super range at the minute that includes everything from quite formal wear (subtle and chic) to something called ‘Garden Floral Blazer’ (deranged). I like the halfway house of this regimental affair, which can be coupled with matching trousers if you really want to earn your stripes. And they all come with the guarantee that they won’t turn you into a Brexidiot.

Seek: gant.co.uk