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Music Editorial

brookebentham19.jpg Have you reached Tipping Point?

Usurping the Evolution Emerging festival this year is Tipping Point Live, which will see over 40 artists flooding the Ouseburn Valley with lots of good stuff in June.

I’m not entirely sure about the moniker Tipping Point (it sounds like a straight-to-DVD Chuck Norris film) but never mind the name, feel the quality. Over 40 artists are set to play across nine of the city’s iconic venues including The Cluny, Tyne Bar and The Cumberland Arms. It’s being curated by the likes of Tom Robinson, Bernard Butler and this month’s cover star Nadine Shah, and, boy, have they put the work in. Among the headliners are Bill Ryder Jones (of The Coral – his solo stuff is off-the-map good) and South Shields’ Brooke Bentham (pictured). If you’ve not yet made acquaintance with Bentham then you should know that she marshals all the melodic nous and vocal power of First Aid Kit and marries it to an experimental indie side. In short: she’s more amazing than Ben & Jerry’s Caramel Chew Chew.

Elsewhere on the bill you should definitely make time to see Martha Hill for alt-pop goodies, Newcastle garage indie rockers FEVA and Sunderland disco indie outfit Vanderbilt. Folkies should probably give the Cumberland Arms a look as they have the excellent Nick Drake-inspired Grace Gillespie playing as well as Crack faves Nel Unlit and Newcastle indie-folk band Many Moons.

Casting an eye over the rest of the line-up I’d also flag up Archipelago (taking jazz into very new and very interesting dimensions), Swine Tax (sharp as a dart US college rock clatter) and Sauvage (art-pop via an audio-visual spectacular). The weekend will also thrum with plenty of other good stuff including masterclasses, workshops, talks, family events and oodles of food, and maybe even drink. Grab the full line-up, and feel giddy at the wonder of it all, by visiting the website below.

Tipping Point Live, Friday 21 & Saturday 22 June, venues across Ouseburn, Newcastle, tickets from £10. tippingpointlive.co.uk