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Music Editorial

kammaandcassalo19.jpg Kamma. Masalo. Sorted.

Continental are hosting their first event at World Headquarters in June and they couldn’t be more excited.

Why wouldn’t you be excited when you’ve managed to snare Kamma & Masalo for you inaugural Newcastle show? The Amsterdam vibemakers (yep, I’ve went there) run the dance party series Brighter Days and they push dance music into the most celebratory of spheres. Kamma, the child of parents who have DJ’d professionally for over 25 years, was raised on disco, funk and early house, but goes beyond her traditional roots for sets that bring in complex rhythms, dreamy waves and new-era electronics. Masalo, meanwhile, is leading a new generation of dance music talent that is making Amsterdam one of the hottest cities in the world at the minute. It promises to be a joyful night as also on the bill are MOVE co-founder and resident Bill Edgar and Modus ML who will be opening up the fun with an hour and a half of Italo Disco and French House vibes. Miss it and miss out.

Continental: Kamma & Masalo, Friday 14 June, World Headquarters, Newcastle, 11pm, £5. welovewhq.com