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Our Crack Little Crack

spiraliser.jpg Kitchen Appliances

I have a fight or flight response when it comes to kitchen appliances. I either have to wrestle with them or put as much distance between the contraption and myself as I possibly can. Case in point is a spiralizer that I got for Christmas. I unboxed it for the first time over the weekend and my hands were shaking. It’s supposed to make ‘healthy’ spaghetti out of cucumbers or courgettes, but saying a cucumber is like spaghetti is like saying a tub of Ben & Jerry’s Caramel Chew Chew is like a kick in the groin. The stupid thing doesn’t work on any level that I can think of and it has now been re-gifted to a brother-in-law I don’t like. The other big news of the bank holiday weekend was the royal baby. According to the Daily Express, Meghan and Harry are going to choose “an unusual name that unifies the US and the UK”. I’m going for ’Nigel Trump’. Failing that it would be nice to honour Diana. It’s a boy so I’m hoping for ‘Dodi’.