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Our Crack Little Crack

extinction.jpg The Extinction Rebellion

I’ve been very supportive of the Extinction Rebellion people down in London who have been blocking the traffic and what not. (And when I say, “I’ve been very supportive”, I mean I’ve been saying to people, “I’m very supportive”. I haven’t been super-gluing myself to Amber Rudd.) But there are a few things about their singing, fancy dress and poetry readings that I don’t particularly like (mainly the singing, the fancy dress and the poetry readings). At their final protest a gaggle of them got dolled up in red robes and white face paint to implore people to, “Honour Mother Earth”. The one surefire way of getting me to ignore Mother Earth, is the phrase “Mother Earth”. And what’s up with the Extinction Rebellion flag? I’ve just worked out that it’s supposed to be an hourglass (ie time is running out) but it looks like the kind of symbol you see fluttering proudly at quasi-fascistic rallies in eastern Europe. They should have went with a polar bear.