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Our Crack Little Crack

notredame.jpg Glib

I’ve had a few complaints recently that I’ve been getting a bit too glib in these weekly missives and so today I’d like to put my serious head on for a minute. I want to talk about the Notre Dame fire because I am still absolutely devastated about it. I’ve been trying to imagine what the UK equivalent would be – if we lost something just as precious – and all I could think of was the massive Primark on Newcastle’s Northumberland Street. Just imagine if that went woof. Jesus Christ! But getting back to Notre Dame, thank god they managed to save those fictional priceless relics, the crown of thorns and fragment of the true cross. And best of luck to the architects when it comes to the restoration. I really hope they use the opportunity to introduce some tasteful features that will chime with 21st century visitors, like a waterslide. Like I say, not a time to be glib.