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Queer Editorial

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Forget Brexit and get Sweeping…

Here, dear readers, is my latest attempt to avoid the utter shitshow that is Brexit and its associated madness. I can’t get my head round what is happening right now, except I can because it’s been brewing for years, and I need some R & R away from all the noise and chaos. And I will come back to chaos in a future column as I am busy researching how certain politicians and business people are interested in the investment, tax avoidance and profiteering opportunities afforded by shitshows like Brexit (think posh geezers in double-breasted suits with double-barrel names, for instance). Those of you who read my ramblings – and I thank you for your continued interest and support of this fantastic magazine – know I spend some time looking at mad and pointless things on the internet. This month I want to share the wonder that isSweep Sings. For those of you old enough to remember The Sooty Show, you will know Sweep was Sooty’s sidekick and that the faux fur hand puppet duo was brought to life first by Harry Corbett, then by his son Matthew. The Sooty Show, is the longest running children’s show in the world, and a treasured strand of my childhood memories. It’s still going strong today though I admit I don’t watch it now, I prefer my Banana Splits dvds. Sweep Singsis an online hand puppet doppelganger that does swooning cover versions of popular songs and has his/her own YouTube channel. Sweep’s vocal style is a Punch and Judy castrati hybrid that can set off a bad bout of tinnitus if you listen at too loud a volume. However, we all need a bit of Sweep Singsin our lives right now. My current favourite covers are ‘Vienna’ (Ultravox), ‘Cars’ (Gary Numan), The Real Slim Shady (Eminem), ‘Firestarter’ (Prodigy, recorded before we lost Keith) and ‘Non, je ne regrette rien’ (Edith Piaf). All classics, all the ultimate homage to fine song writing and performance. When it all gets too much have a listen, and we’ll come back to the shitshow profiteers in the next few months. Look after yourselves and each other, it’s a mad world out there.