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fleabag-s2-first-look-a0773dd.101749.jpg Warning: This article contains some very necessary swearing.

Warning: This article contains some very necessary swearing. I’m glad ‘Fleabag’ has finished on BBC 2. Not because I particularly hated it – I actually quite liked it - but I was sick to the back teeth of reading frothing articles about how ruddy amazing it was in the Guardian (and the Observer who managed to fit in three write-ups this Sunday alone). The most egregious piece was entitled ‘Farewell Fleabag: the most electrifying, devastating TV in years’. It begins: “Phoebe Waller-Bridge raised the bar so utterly with her show’s second, and final, series that you have to shake your head in astonishment.’ Honestly! As a Scottish friend of mine would put it, “Get tae fuck!” It was an article that raised the bar SO UTTERLY when it comes to middle-class wankers getting all misty-eyed about other middle-class wankers that I quite literally puked. ‘Fleabag’ isn’t even the best bit of TV, or comedy, that’s been on THIS YEAR. (‘Dead Pixels’ on E4 is better. Check it out.)