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Clubs Editorial

bykergroove19.jpg New York via Byker

Byker Groove is the closest you’re going to get to New York’s 1970s legendary clubs without the aid of a time machine.

And those legendary clubs in full: The Loft! Sanctuary! Paradise Garage! Yep, you can forget all about PJ and Duncan, the DJs at Byker Groove will be recreating the magic of those 1970s/80s nights with the very finest in soul, funk, psych and disco. Along for the ride will be Adzmandala (Cosmifrica), Alex Johnson (Soul Finger), Giovanni Spatuzzi (Fuzzy Warbles), Jelly Jels (Funky Fridays) and Mr Sayers (Fuzzy Warmbles). It’s being held at the Star & Shadow and their wonderful club space will be transformed into party central for the night, with all proceeds after costs going into the Star & Shadows coffers. Best night out of the month? I rather think it might be.

Byker Groove, Bank Holiday Sunday 26 May, Star & Shadow, Warwick Street, Newcastle, 9pm-3am, £5. ticketsource.co.uk