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Art Editorial

mccardlevane.jpg Flat of the land

Acclaimed north-east stuckist artist Peter McArdle’s latest show is ‘Stories from the Big Flat Now’.

Peter McArdle appears to have dunked his work in a big vat of atmosphere, because his stuff is dripping with it. Operating in the space between cinematic stills and dreamscapes he manages to disorientate the viewer, plunging them into an unreliable narrative and the kind of self-reflection that he suggests result from consuming images in the way we do. He invites us to consider the status of people, places and events that populate these images and negotiate the gaps between thoughts, desires and language. What happens when images are taken out of their contexts and sit alongside others? Find out by paying this fine show a visit, pronto.

Peter McArdle: Stories from the Big Flat Now, until 1 June, Abject 2 Gallery, 2ndfloor, Bamburgh House, Market Street, Newcastle, Wed-Sat 11am-5pm. www.abject.gallery